A car moves along an uneven country lane lined by the ghostly silhouettes of almost 200 houses, passing by a shop and then a church, and reaches a tiny wooden bridge which spans a narrow body of water, the river Corlat, the "frontier" between two Romanian counties.

This village does not feature on any map, it's a village with no name that is being denied the right to its own identity. Because most of the inhabitants are Roma, it is known as "Tziganie" (Gypsyland). The Roma call their settlement "beyond the bridge", while the authorities refer to it by saying only "the village in Corlat Valley".

In fact, it's just a place without electricity nor water supply with 700 people officially registered at one same house, other 200 people without any official address, and many children without hope of ever receiving an identity card.

While life goes on in the clandestine village, the authorities are working on ways to bring a definitive solution to the Corlat Valley problem.